React is a JavaScript software library that provides a basic framework for the output of user interface components from websites.

  1. Syntax Highlighting with Prism and Next.js

    Prism is a compact, expandable syntax highlighter that was developed with modern web standards in mind.
  2. How to create a Mailchimp newsletter sign-up-form for your Gatsby Site

    Managing your own newsletter is crucial for creating a sustainable online-business. With E-Mails you can build a relationsship with your audience and engage with them so they will drive some nice traffic to your new post or whatever you just have published and want to promote.
  3. Using Google Adsense with GatsbyJS

    In general there are two possibilies to use Google Adsense on your GatsbyJS website Auto Ads and custom display blocks.Depending on whether you choose to include Adsense ads on certain spots or whether you will leave this job to the Google AI, you can choose one/and or the other.
  4. First steps with Leaflet and React

    Leaflet is a free JavaScript library that can be used to create web GIS applications. Leaflet uses HTML5, CSS3 and is compatible with all common browsers.