List of all personal blogs i am reading in random order.

  • Aaron is co-founder of IndieWebCamp ,maintains, writes and consults about OAuth and is the editor of several W3C specifications. He also helps people learn about video production and livestreaming.

  • Ru Singh is a web developer with an interest in open standards, good security practices, design, DevOps, and UX.

  • Matthias Ott is an independet user experience designer, user interface engineer and speaker from Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Max is a front-end developer and designer who focs on creating engaging, accessible & performant interfaces for humans.

  • Sam Larsen-Disney is a UX Engineer who is publishing articles about how he implemented some features on his site e.g. a dashboard for displaying site stats.

  • Tantek works on web standards and the indie web. He runs trails at sunrise, practices yoga movement & philosophy, codes & designs his website, and writes when he can.

  • Ryan Barrett is an engineering leader with 17+ years experience building and scaling backend infrastructure, data platforms and applications, and cross functional teams. He also built which allows us to connect our website to social media.