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  1. How to deploy your Gatsby site on your own server

    With Gatsby 4 bringing in Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Deferred Static Generation (DSG) you need an alternative methode to just hosting static files. Each page using SSR or DSG will be rendererd after a user requests it so there has be a server in the background which will handle these requests and build the pages if needed.

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  2. How i constantly track my location and display a web-map with all the locations

    Inspired by Aaron Parecki and who he has been tracking his location since 2008 with an iPhone app and a server side tracking API i decided to go for a similar approach. I wanted to track my position constantly with my Android smartphone and use the data to display a map with all locations i have ever been to.

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  3. Fetching and storing activities from Garmin Connect with Strapi and visualizing them with NextJS

    Step-by-step guide explaining how to fetch data from Garmin Connect, store it in Strapi and visualize it with NextJS and React-Leaflet.

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  4. Hosting NextJS on a private server using PM2 and Github webhooks as CI/CD

    This article shows you how can host your Next.js site on a (virtual private) server with Nginx, a CI/CD pipeline via PM2 and Github Webhooks.

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