Geo and GIS Podcasts to stay up to date

Geo and GIS Podcasts to stay up to date

Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with current developments. Best of all, you can listen to podcasts practically anywhere.


The podcast is hosted by Jesse Rouse, Sue Bergeron and Frank Lafone. An established podcast that discusses geography, geographic information technologies and the impact of GIS on everyday digital life.

VerySpatial Podcast


New podcast. Mainly interviews with people from the GIS and geo industry.

Mapscaping Podcast

Radio OSM

Reports and news about OpenStreetMap, the free wiki world map.

Radio OSM


A podcast that can contain everything and everyone about the geodata world.

Geodorable Podcast

The Mappyist Hour

Geographers and geo-types who talk about how incredible their job is after work.

The Mappyist Hour Podcast

Speaking of GIS

A podcast by Kurt Towler. The podcast includes interviews with other geospatialists and reviews of conferences.

Speaking of GIS Podcast

Scene from Above

A podcast with a view of the world of modern [remote sensing] (/en/tags/remote-sensing) and earth observation. Driven by their passion for all grid and geodata, they strive for a mix of news, opinions, discussions and interviews.

Scene from Above Podcast

Directions Magazine

Every six weeks, new location-based podcasts are released by another geographic information branch.

Directions Magazine Podcast

Cageyjames & Geobabbler

This monthly podcast by James Fee and Bill Dollins is about how you can use spatial technologies in your workflow.

Cageyjames & Geobabbler Podcast

Geographical Imaginations

Geographical Imaginations Expedition & Institute is a growing public geography initiative for multimedia media that aims to bring together academic and everyday geographic or spatial thinking.

Geographical Imaginations

Women and Drones

A podcast that serves to make women in the UAS industry better known around the world.

Women and Drones Podcast

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