Hi, my name is

Max Dietrich.

I'm a software developer and cyclist from Wasserburg am Inn, Germany.

On this website I am sharing my learnings about web-development and creating web-maps.

Photo of Max.
map data © OSM
  1. Dockerizing a Next.js Application with GitHub Actions

    In this article, we'll explore how to Dockerize a Next.js application and automate its deployment using GitHub Actions, thereby simplifying the deployment workflow and enhancing development productivity.

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  2. Setting Up MapProxy with Docker and Serving Cached Tiles via Nginx

    MapProxy is a powerful open-source proxy for geospatial data that allows for efficient caching and serving of map tiles. Combining MapProxy with Docker and Nginx can provide a scalable and easily manageable solution for serving cached map tiles.

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  3. Photo of Gran Canaria Workation
  4. Mastering React and OpenLayers Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

    Unlock the full potential of interactive maps in your React applications by delving into the seamless integration of OpenLayers.

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  5. Optimizing images for Next.js sites with imgproxy and docker

    How to transform and optimize images with imgproxy hosted with docker for your Next.js application.

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  6. Photo of USA Roadtrip
  7. Building a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog

    How to create a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog with Javascript without any third party dependencies.

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  8. Photo of Cyprus Coffee Ride
  9. How to copy your Proxmox backups with AzCopy to Azure Storage Containers

    This article will explain to you how you can create an Azure Storage Account, prepare AzCopy locally and how to create a bash script which will be used to copy your local Proxmox Backups via AzCopy to an Azure Storage Account by a cost effective way.

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