Hi, my name is

Max Dietrich.

I'm a software developer and cyclist from Wasserburg am Inn, Germany.

On this website I am writing about my learnings in web-development and creating web-maps.

Photo of Max.
map data © OSM
  1. Building a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog

    How to create a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog with Javascript without any third party dependencies.

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  2. How to copy your Proxmox backups with AzCopy to Azure Storage Containers

    This article will explain to you how you can create an Azure Storage Account, prepare AzCopy locally and how to create a bash script which will be used to copy your local Proxmox Backups via AzCopy to an Azure Storage Account by a cost effective way.

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  3. Doing More with Docker


    This guide is designed for people who want to learn docker infrastructure. Not just how to use docker, but how to stand up docker services in a robust and secure manner. This guide is about standing up a single node docker environment with backups, IP whitelisting, non-root containers (where supported), single sign-on and reverse proxying.

  4. If you are looking for a Nginx configuration to upstream Nextjs sites have a look the the following Github Gist.


  5. How to create web maps with Leaflet, React and functional components

    In this article I will explain how you can create a basic web map with Leaflet and React by using functional components without any third party packages. So i will strongly recommend to have a look at the Leaflet API reference.

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  6. How to create a custom cookie banner for your React application

    Recently I implemented a custom cookie banner solution on my Next.js site which you probably have seen a few seconds before. There are a lot of prebuilt cookie banners you can use for React or Next js sites but i wanted to create a custom cookie banner which also has some personal touch and keeps the design with the website in line.

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