Hi, I’m Max Dietrich, Geospatial Developer, author and cyclist from Rosenheim, Germany.
I' am also a proud member of the IndieWeb community. I've been tracking my location since 2021. Read more.

  1. If you are curious how you can get OpenLayers 6 working with functional and/or class components in React you can have a look at these two examples i created.

    React with functional components

    React with class components

  2. Playing with Copernicus DEM and #blender: Shaded relief map of the alps.


    #gischat #gis #geospatial #dataviz #opensource #maps #geoshare

  3. Tutorials for making 3D-looking maps with Blender and QGIS


    This guide will help you prepare DEM data using QGIS in order to render 3D looking shaded-relief maps in Blender.

  4. How i constantly track my location and display a web-map with all the locations

    Inspired by Aaron Parecki and who he has been tracking his location since 2008 with an iPhone app and a server side tracking API i decided to go for a similar approach. I wanted to track my position constantly with my Android smartphone and use the data to display a map with all locations i have ever been to. Continue reading...
  5. Checklist - The A11Y Project


    The creator/s of a11yproject.com have created a checklist for reviewing a website in terms of accessibility.