Hi, I’m Max Dietrich, Geodata-Manager and Web-Developer from Rosenheim, Germany.
I' am also a proud member of the IndieWeb community. I've been tracking my location since 2021. Read more.

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    Went on top of the Brünnstein via the Dr.-Julius-Mayr-Weg and took a rest at the Brünnsteinhaus 🍰.

  2. Checklist - The A11Y Project


    The creator/s of a11yproject.com have created a checklist for reviewing a website in terms of accessibility.

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    Kranzhorn 05/21

    Pretty easy climb with phenomenal view. ⛰️

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    Bike trip in the Chiemgau Alps

    Bike trip in the Chiemgau Alps. Had to carry our bikes for a bit because of too much snow.

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    After work session with my new Scott Spark

    After work session with my new Scott Spark 😎 #happyplace #mountainbike #scottspark #chasingsunsets

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    First ride with my new spark

    First ride with my new spark 🌄 #ridemore #scottspark #scottbikes #thatshowweroll

  7. Created an article explaining how i am fetching and displaying data from Garmin Connect with @strapijs and NextJS.

    #IndieWeb #Strapi #NextJS #Leaflet #GarminFitness


  8. Fetching and storing activities from Garmin Connect with Strapi and visualizing them with NextJS

    Step-by-step guide explaining how to fetch data from Garmin Connect, store it in Strapi and visualize it with NextJS and React-Leaflet. Continue reading...
  9. Running on my own


    In this article Francesco Schwarz is explaining how he fetches data from Garmin Connect and uses it to display runs on his website.

  10. Creating Accessible Forms


    WebAIM provides some very interesting documentation on how to create a web with web accessiblity in mind.

  11. I just published a "now page" where you can find some additional information on what is currently keeping me busy.

    It's also showing live data about my current location and some weather data. Coordinates are tracked with OwnTracks and stored in Strapi These coordinates then are used to fetch weather data from OpenWeather. #IndieWeb #OwnTracks #Strapi #OpenWeather

  12. This tweet was published on my own site mxd.codes and syndicated on twitter via brid.gy. #IndieWeb #POSSE

  13. Simple Image Placeholders with SVG


    Tyler Sticka published an article on cloudflour where he presents an awsome library he made which allows you to create svg placeholders for img-elements.

  14. Deep Dive Into My Stats Page


    Sam Larsen-Disney published an super interesting article about how he's is displaying stats like real time visitors, pageviews, theme toggles etc. and put that in some awsome UX where i also took some inspiration from.

  15. Using Webmentions in Eleventy


    A brilliant post by Max Böck on how to get incoming and outgoing Webmentions for example via Bridgy and webmention.io and how to handle and filter the data to be able to finally implement webmentions on your website.

  16. Syntax Highlighting with Prism.js and Next.js

    Prism.js is a compact, expandable syntax highlighter that was developed with modern web standards in mind. Continue reading...
  17. Hosting NextJS on a private server using PM2 and Github webhooks as CI/CD

    This article shows you how can host your Next.js site on a (virtual private) server with Nginx, a CI/CD pipeline via PM2 and Github Webhooks. Continue reading...
  18. Build and deploy your Gatsby site with Google Cloud Build to Firebase

    Ultimate guide to automate your Gatsby builds with Google Cloud Build, deploying to Firebase and optional Cloud Scheduler. Continue reading...
  19. Scaling and Cropping images using Python

    This articles shows you how to edit, crop and resize your pictures with a little Python script. Continue reading...
  20. Remote Sensing and Image Classification

    Navigation devices, smartphones and weather forecasts are dependent on satellites and without these we have to rely on some services that make our everyday life easier. Continue reading...