Awesome content on the web, in random order.

  1. Running on my own

    In this article Francesco Schwarz is explaining how he fetches data from Garmin Connect and uses it to display runs on his website.

  2. Creating Accessible Forms

    WebAIM provides some very interesting documentation on how to create a web with web accessiblity in mind.

  3. Simple Image Placeholders with SVG

    Tyler Sticka published an article on cloudflour where he presents an awsome library he made which allows you to create svg placeholders for img-elements.

  4. Using Webmentions in Eleventy

    A brilliant post by Max Böck on how to get incoming and outgoing Webmentions for example via Bridgy and and how to handle and filter the data to be able to finally implement webmentions on your website.

  5. Deep Dive Into My Stats Page

    Sam Larsen-Disney published an super interesting article about how he's is displaying stats like real time visitors, pageviews, theme toggles etc. and put that in some awsome UX where i also took some inspiration from.