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  1. Hosting NextJS on a private server using PM2 and Github webhooks as CI/CD

    This article shows you how can host your Next.js site on a server with a CI/CD pipeline via PM2 and Github Webhooks.
  2. Syntax Highlighting with Prism and Next.js

    Prism is a compact, expandable syntax highlighter that was developed with modern web standards in mind.
  3. Build and deploy your Gatsby site with Google Cloud Build to Firebase

    Ultimate guide to automate your Gatsby builds with Google Cloud Build, deploying to Firebase and optional Cloud Scheduler.
  4. How to create a Mailchimp newsletter sign-up-form for your Gatsby Site

    Managing your own newsletter is crucial for creating a sustainable online-business. With E-Mails you can build a relationsship with your audience and engage with them so they will drive some nice traffic to your new post or whatever you just have published and want to promote.
  5. GatsbyJS with CI/CD Pipeline via Codebuild

    With the free tier for AWS you always get one active AWS code pipeline per month and 100 minutes of AWS code build per month with which you can create a CI / CD pipeline for a GatsbyJS site.
  6. Using Google Adsense with GatsbyJS

    In general there are two possibilies to use Google Adsense on your GatsbyJS website Auto Ads and custom display blocks.Depending on whether you choose to include Adsense ads on certain spots or whether you will leave this job to the Google AI, you can choose one/and or the other.
  7. Host a static website with your own domain, AWS S3 and CloudFront

    With AWS (and in particular the free AWS contingent) you have the option of a static website with a custom domain for a few Hosting cents a month including CDN via CloudFront and CI/CD integration.
  8. Scaling and Cropping images using Python

    This articles shows you how to edit, crop and resize your pictures with a little Python script.
  9. Export QGIS layers as images with PyQGIS

    With the help of PyQGIS processes such as the export of images for all layers from a map can be automated.
  10. First steps with Leaflet and React

    Leaflet is a free JavaScript library that can be used to create web GIS applications. Leaflet uses HTML5, CSS3 and is compatible with all common browsers.
  11. Remote Sensing and Image Classification

    Navigation devices, smartphones and weather forecasts are dependent on satellites and without these we have to rely on some services that make our everyday life easier.
  12. How to create a web-map with OpenLayers

    OpenLayers is a JavaScript library that makes it relatively easy to visualize geodata in web applications (Web GIS).
  13. Satellite Imagery Download - High-Resolution

    For all those who do not yet know the relevant contact points for current satellite images, there are a few links here where you can download satellite images from around the world, mostly free of charge.
  14. Download OpenStreetMap data as Shapefiles

    OpenStreetMap is the largest international project that aims to create a free world map.
  15. Open-Source Web-GIS Applications

    Would you like to know which open source web GIS applications are used to share geodata over the Internet? Then you can find out more here.
  16. Free FME-licence for private use

    FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a powerful and the most used spatial ETL tool for the migration and processing of spatial data and non-spatial data.
  17. What is a shapefile? .shp, .dbf and .shx

    The shapefile format is a general format for storing vector data.
  18. Geo and GIS Podcasts to stay up to date

    Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with current developments. Best of all, you can listen to podcasts practically anywhere.
  19. GIS- and Geo-Database Management System options

    With the ever increasing amount of data, the question arises at some point how it can be managed effectively. GIS databases are used here.
  20. GIS volunteering - Make the world a better place with GIS

    Volunteering offers a good opportunity to develop personally and professionally. You can also get involved in a good cause. You can later pack the projects into a pretty portfolio and thus stand out from the competition with extra points when applying.
  21. Geography and GIS Blogs

    Here you will find a list of interesting and informative geographic and gis blogs.
  22. GIS Applications - Which GIS Applications are there?

    In order to be able to work with digital maps or information geodata, a geographic information system is used. With GIS, geodata can be recorded, edited, analyzed and displayed appropriately.
  23. What is GIS? - Geographic Information System

    GIS refers to a system for displaying and processing spatial data, i.e. data to which a spatial location has been assigned.
  24. Free, Open-Source and proprietary GIS software options

    List of open source, free, and paid GIS software options.
  25. Geodata - What are Geodata?

    Geodata is information with a spatial reference that can be used in a GIS, among other things.