Right now i am in Aising, Bayern, Deutschland

In Aising it is 15.26°C which feels more like 14.98°C and the weather is

My phone's battery level is 100% and it is currently full.

What am I up to right now?

  • I'm living in Rosenheim
  • I'm a GeoData-Manager at RIWA, working on Data-Migrations
  • I'm trying to create my first mobile app (react-native) for tracking gps coordinates
  • I`m trying to write more and better content for my website
  • I'm currently looking for a new flat for rent in my area

What are my interests?

  • Building web(-gis)-applications
  • Self-hosting services
  • IndieWeb
  • Mountain biking
  • Motorcycling

In case you want to know more about me head over to "/about".

Last updated on 6:08, 17th June 2021 (GMT+2).