Using Google Adsense with GatsbyJS

Using Google Adsense with GatsbyJS

In general there are two possibilies to use GoogleAdsense on your GatsbyJS website:

  • Auto Ads and
  • custom ad blocks.

Depending on whether you choose to include Adsense ads on certain spots or whether you will leave this job to the Google AI, you can choose one/and or the other.

Auto Ads

With Auto Ads, the optimal positions for an advertising banner are determined using a Google AI and a display ad is automatically switched there. All you have to do is place the following AdSense code in html.js.

<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-0037698828864449" async src=""></script>

adsense_auto_ads_a296306c19.png and activate Auto ads in Adsense.

On I used Auto ads and I'm honestly surprised how well it works. Ads are displayed in a text every few paragraphs and are also responsive.

Ad loads

You also have the option of increasing or decreasing the number of ads in the settings. Unfortunately, you cannot specify a specific number of ads.


In my opinion, a lot of ads are shown even when you set it to "min". You can play around with the ad load and find out the best setting for your purposes. Somestimes it can take a few minutes until the new ad load is effective.

Display formats

You can also influence the ad formats. Basically there are:

  • In-page ads (displayed in the main part of the page)
  • Matched content (tool for content promotion)
  • Anchor ads (mobile ads on the edge of the screen)
  • Vignette ads (mobile full screen display, at page transitions)

I have only deactivated anchor texts, because I personally find them very annoying.


In addition, you can also completely exclude individual pages from advertisements.

Adsense with GatsbyJS

If you want to use Auto ads on your GatsbyJS page, you can do it super easily with the plugin gatsby-plugin-google-adsense.


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-google-adsense


yarn add gatsby-plugin-google-adsense

modify gatsby-config.js

// In your gatsby-config.js file
plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-adsense`,
      options: {
        publisherId: `ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxx`

The remaining settings can then be adjusted on Adsense.

Ad units

In addition to auto ads, there is also the "classic" option of inserting individual ad units at specific positions. With the React Component react-adsense you can insert Google AdSense and Baidu ads in any place.

npm install --save react-adsense


yarn add react-adsense

In order for the components to be rendered, you still need the AdSense script code. You can either insert this manually in the `` html.js '' file or, if you want to combine individual ad units with Auto ads, you can also use the plug-in already mentioned to insert the script.

When auto ads and individual ad units are combined, the individual ad units always have a higher "priority". This means that all ad units that are inserted manually are usually also rendered and, if the text / ads ratio permits, additional ads from Auto ads are automatically inserted.

If the script has been integrated and react-adsense has been installed, you can use

import React from 'react';
import AdSense from 'react-adsense';

// ads with no set-up

// ads with custom format
  style={{ width: 500, height: 300, float: 'left' }}

// responsive and native ads
  style={{ display: 'block' }}

// auto full width responsive ads
  style={{ display: 'block' }}

to insert components for the ad units.

The respective client id


and the ad slot


must always be specified.

The rest is optional.

Optional props:

In case you have more questions there is also ad Adsense community where you can get some answers. Google AdSense Help Community

First published February 22, 2024

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