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  1. Building a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog

    How to create a Table of Contents (TOC) from markdown for your React blog with Javascript without any third party dependencies.

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  2. How to create a custom cookie banner for your React application

    Recently I implemented a custom cookie banner solution on my Next.js site which you probably have seen a few seconds before. There are a lot of prebuilt cookie banners you can use for React or Next js sites but i wanted to create a custom cookie banner which also has some personal touch and keeps the design with the website in line.

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  3. How to build a related posts component for your React blog

    Some blogs have these related articles or posts sections where visitors can have a preview at more content after they just read a post. That's what I wanted to create for my personal website which is built with React (Nextjs) and in this article I want to show you how you also can do it for any other react application.

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  4. Fetching and storing activities from Garmin Connect with Strapi and visualizing them with NextJS

    Step-by-step guide explaining how to fetch data from Garmin Connect, store it in Strapi and visualize it with NextJS and React-Leaflet.

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