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Geography and GIS Blogs

By Max Dietrich | Geospatial specialist, Web-Developer.

GIS and Geo Blogs

Of course, to find out new things, I take a look at one or the other website that deals with GIS Or geoinformatics in general. You can find them here:

  1. GIS Lounge

Maps and GIS by Caitlin Dempsey Morais. She has been blogging about GIS for more than 20 years.

  1. GIS Geography

Blog about GIS and Geographie.

  1. Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings

Anita Graser's blog about QGIS, open source, analysis and simulation.

  1. Geospatial World

How does location localization affect us?

  1. Geoawesomeness

Blog about GIS, geodata and everything that goes with it.

  1. GISTimes

GIStimes is for everything that happens on the geodata market.

  1. GIS Professional

GIS news and articles about GNSS, Big Data, Addressing, BIM, and Smart Cities.

  1. Geospatial-solutions

  1. Google Maps Blog

Google Maps blog.

  1. Carto

SaaS provider CartoDB also runs a very interesting GIS blog.

  1. Reddit r/gis GIS-Community

A Reddit community about geographic information systems.

  1. Benjaminspaulding

Geodata, analysis, programming.

  1. GISuser

GIS and technology news for mapping experts.

  1. Esri Newsroom

Esri's blog.

  1. ThinkGeoBlog

GIS themes for .NET developers.

There is also a much larger list of links to GIS Blogs on Wiki.GIS ( By the way, Wiki.GIS is a very extensive GIS encyclopedia.

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I am Max Dietrich.

I am currently working as Geodata-Manager at RIWA.
I love to experiment with web-applications which i am documenting on this site.

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