Status updates and short notes.

  • If you are looking for a Nginx configuration to upstream Nextjs sites have a look the the following Github Gist.

  • If you are curious how you can get OpenLayers 6 working with functional and/or class components in React you can have a look at these two examples i created.

    React with functional components

    React with class components

  • Playing with Copernicus DEM and #blender: Shaded relief map of the alps.

    Sorry, somehow the image is not available :(

    #gischat #gis #geospatial #dataviz #opensource #maps #geoshare

  • Created an article explaining how i am fetching and displaying data from Garmin Connect with @strapijs and NextJS.

    #IndieWeb #Strapi #NextJS #Leaflet #GarminFitness

  • I just published a "now page" where you can find some additional information on what is currently keeping me busy.

    It's also showing live data about my current location and some weather data. Coordinates are tracked with OwnTracks and stored in Strapi These coordinates then are used to fetch weather data from OpenWeather. #IndieWeb #OwnTracks #Strapi #OpenWeather

  • This tweet was published on my own site and syndicated on twitter via #IndieWeb #POSSE