GIS- and Geo-Database Management System options

GIS- and Geo-Database Management System options

As the volume of data continues to surge, effective management becomes paramount. Geographic Information System (GIS) databases emerge as powerful solutions, facilitating the storage, management, and querying of geodata. Here, we delve into both free and open-source as well as proprietary GIS databases to aid in your data management endeavors.

Free and Open-Source GIS Databases

ArangoDB Community Edition

PostGIS / PostgreSQL


  • A leading database server developed by the original creators of MySQL.
  • Website:


  • Widely used relational database management system, available as open-source or commercial enterprise versions.
  • Website:


  • An open-source NoSQL database written in Java, combining features of document-oriented and graph databases.
  • Website:

SQLite / SpatialLite

Proprietary GIS Databases

Oracle Spatial

  • Oracle Spatial and Graph, a separately licensed component of the Oracle database, is utilized for storing and managing geographic information.
  • Website:

Whether you opt for the flexibility of open-source GIS databases or the robust features of proprietary solutions like Oracle Spatial, the choice depends on your project's specific needs.

First published August 31, 2020

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