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  1. How to copy your Proxmox backups with AzCopy to Azure Storage Containers

    This article will explain to you how you can create an Azure Storage Account, prepare AzCopy locally and how to create a bash script which will be used to copy your local Proxmox Backups via AzCopy to an Azure Storage Account by a cost effective way.

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  2. Build and deploy your Gatsby site with Google Cloud Build to Firebase

    Ultimate guide to automate your Gatsby builds with Google Cloud Build, deploying to Firebase and optional Cloud Scheduler.

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  3. GatsbyJS with CI/CD Pipeline via Codebuild

    With the free tier for AWS you always get one active AWS code pipeline per month and 100 minutes of AWS code build per month with which you can create a CI / CD pipeline for a GatsbyJS site.

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  4. Host a static website with your own domain, AWS S3 and CloudFront

    With AWS (and in particular the free AWS contingent) you have the option of a static website with a custom domain for a few Hosting cents a month including CDN via CloudFront and CI/CD integration.

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