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  1. Dockerizing a Next.js Application with GitHub Actions

    In this article, we'll explore how to Dockerize a Next.js application and automate its deployment using GitHub Actions, thereby simplifying the deployment workflow and enhancing development productivity.

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  2. Setting Up MapProxy with Docker and Serving Cached Tiles via Nginx

    MapProxy is a powerful open-source proxy for geospatial data that allows for efficient caching and serving of map tiles. Combining MapProxy with Docker and Nginx can provide a scalable and easily manageable solution for serving cached map tiles.

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  3. Optimizing images for Next.js sites with imgproxy and docker

    How to transform and optimize images with imgproxy hosted with docker for your Next.js application.

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  4. Doing More with Docker

    This guide is designed for people who want to learn docker infrastructure. Not just how to use docker, but how to stand up docker services in a robust and secure manner. This guide is about standing up a single node docker environment with backups, IP whitelisting, non-root containers (where supported), single sign-on and reverse proxying.